Frequently Asked Questions about Portable Phone Chargers:

Here is a list of some of the top questions people have about power banks…

Q. Briefly explain what a Power Bank does?

ANSWER: A power Bank is a portable charger or let us an external battery. You have to charge it the usual way you recharge your phones and other devices and then use it to recharge your smartphone or tablet.

You can carry it anywhere you want, thanks to its small size and portability. It can be used to recharge your phones, tablets, iPads and Notebooks as well, depending upon the capacity of the Power Bank.

Q. Where are the Power Banks made?

ANSWER: Most of the Power Banks are made in China, however local companies are also making Power Banks.

Q. What is the life span of a Power Bank?

ANSWER: A Power Bank will be great up to more than 500 times of usages, after which the performance will gradually decrease. Depending upon the usage, if you take proper care of it, it will last for a long time.

Q. For how long do I have to charge my Power Bank?

ANSWER: The first time you charge your Power Bank, charge it for a little longer, let us say 8 to 10 hours. From the next time you need to charge it for about 3.5 to 5 hours or more, if completely drained.
However, there is no specific time required. You can charge it according to the remaining battery left. Also the charging time varies from Power Bank to Power Bank.

Q. How would I know when is my Power Bank completely charged?

ANSWER: Almost all of the Power Banks come with LED lights, so when the Power Bank is completely charged, the LED lights will notify you by turning off or by a certain light color.

Q. What do you mean by Conversion Rate?

ANSWER: The remaining or left over percentage of the battery after the battery list in PCB operation or heat is named as Conversion Rate.

Q. What is meant by mAh?

ANSWER:  mAh stands for milli Ampere Hour. The capacity of the Power Bank is measured in mAh. The greater the mAh your battery has, the greater will be the capacity of the Power Bank.

Q. Will a Power Bank of 2200mAh be enough for my phone?

ANSWER: The Power Banks of 2200mAh capacity can recharge almost all of the smartphones to date, but if you need to charge your tablet or notebook, a Power Bank with higher capacity is recommended.

Q. Will a Power Bank of 2200mAh capacity charge my Tablet?

ANSWER:  No. The tablet needs a Power Bank of at least 7000mAh to recharge, hence a Power Bank of 2200mAh will harm your tablet and not charge it of course.

Remember, a Power Bank with too much capacity or too little capacity than the device you need to charge, can be harmful for your device. You must use a Power Bank which is compatible with your device.

Q. Does the Generic Power Bank explode?

ANSWER: Well, all batteries have a chance to explode, be it little or more. But in no way does the Generic Power Bank have more chances to explode than the Branded Power Bank. In fact if you ask, both the Power Banks have zero chances of explosion.

Q. Can I use my smartphone or tablet while charging it with a Power Bank?

ANSWER: Of course you can. There is nothing different about charging your device from a Power Bank, than from a usual charger, but using the device while charging can slow down the charging speed, however will not harm your device any way.

Q. Can I charge more than one device from a Power Bank?

ANSWER: Most of the Power Banks come with two ports and there is a high chance you can charge two devices with your Power Bank at one time.

However it varies from Power Bank to Power Bank. With only one Output USB port, you can charge one device, so the number of chargeable devices depends on the number of Output USB ports.

Q. What must a Power Bank have?

ANSWER: Although there are a lot of features of a Power Bank you need to consider, but the must haves include Lithium Polymer battery and an affordable price, without any doubt.

Q. What is the difference between a Lithium Polymer and a Lithium ion battery?

ANSWER: A Lithium ion battery usually gets warm easily. It is flammable and a little explosive. It is smaller in size. Smartphones usually have a Lithium ion battery.

On the other hand, Lithium Polymer battery is the latest technology of batteries, less warm, non-flammable, in explosive. It is more safe and stable than the Lithium ion battery.

Q. What do you call an Output USB port?

ANSWER: The port through which power flows to your device is called an Output USB port. If you need to charge your device, insert the cable in the Output USB port and the other side to your device.

Q. Why is my Power Bank not recharging? It was working fine before.

ANSWER:  Please check for the following as a solution to your problem:

  1. The connection of the cable may be loose. Reset the charging cord, and make sure the connection is firm and steady.
  2. You may have a faulty Power Bank. Contact your dealer for an exchange.

Q. What does the PCB stand for?

ANSWER: PCB stands for Printed Circuit Board and it controls all the operations which are going on inside an external battery pack.

Q. What does the PCB do?

ANSWER: Printed Circuit Board controls all the operations which happen inside the Power Bank. The durability and the charging of a Power Bank depend upon the quality of the Printed Circuit Board.

Q. Can external batteries be taken on board airplanes?

ANSWER:  The simple answer is YES. Why not?

Q. Why does the Power Bank not charge my smartphone?

ANSWER: Your Power Bank may not be useful for your device due to the following possible reasons:

  1. The Power Bank is short of power. Recharge the Power Bank.
  2. The cable and the connector have a loose connection. Make sure the connection of the two is steady and firm.
  3. Check the output of the Power Bank. The Power Bank and your smartphone may have an incompatible voltage.

Q. What is an Input USB port?

ANSWER: The port in which you plug in the cable to charge the Power Bank is known as an Input USB port.